Friday, February 26, 2010

Join us for some Lasagna and do the Salsa!

Are you confused? Let me explain.
Lasagna gardening is a gardening technique
that I have implemented into my gardens
about 5 years ago and find that it is so easy
to maintain and you can grow the most amazing fruits & veggies!
With this method we will be experimenting with a salsa garden.
I will bring everything you need to grow to make salsa.
Tomatoes will be heirloom varieties, herbs & even onions!
At the picking season we will then have a salsa contest!
I will be doing 3 of these classes so that no one misses out.
I will also share some unique recipies to inspire you!
Look at the sheduled events to see when & where the classes are
and sign up today.

Growing from seed is so easy and fun!

Voila! You will succesfully grow tomatoes and herbs
I will even help you along with helpful tips.
I will be growing right along with you and I'll be posting pictures
and to give you tips and helpful hints on growing.

and we will salsa while we eat!

Hey who's bringing the chips?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Scones for your Valentine or Tea!

Chocolate Blueberry is my favorite but
the Triple Cherry Chocolate Scone Mix
flew off the shelves this weekend and I am
sure by Valentine's Day all of the shops I am
supplying will be out!
If you need a nice food gift for a homemade gift basket
or need something sweet to make in a pinch, these
mixes are quick, easy and you'll be sure
to get a healthy chocolate fix!
I'll be restocking for this weekend for
Beeker's General Store in Pemberville,OH.
They are having a Progressive Tea.
I will be at Kitchen Tools and Skills in Perrysburg, OH
(free Cooking Demo with food samples!)
teaching how to make the perfect cheesecake and how to
infuse teas into scones. I will have
mini raspberry swirled cheesecakes
for sale after the class.
Our shop has a large selection of scone mixes as well as
lots of other baked goodies.
Summer Kitchen Girls have a nice selection and
you can get a free 'happy brownie' with any purchase in their store.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Brownie Giveaway!

They love the Happy Brownie and they want to
share some love with you.
Everytime you shop in their store this month
you will receive a card redeemable at my shop for a free
Happy Brownie of your choice.
The more you shop the more "Happy" you get!
Try a Peanut Butter Happy Brownie
I like to call this picture 'Swirls of Love'
if your nuts about nuts, try the Walnut Happy Brownie
If your feeling the winter blues then the Blueberry
Happy Browine will perk you right up!

Share this one with your significant other and
get anything your heart desires!
(It is really hard to share these!)

Collect 6 or more cards and I will give you one more on me!