Sunday, January 25, 2009

Summer Kitchen Scones for your sweetheart! Scumptious idea!
These were developed just for my girls at the Summer Kitchen in Helena Ohio.
They were also feature on Kari & Kijsa as well!
Infused with the Summer Kitchen Blend tea, these compliment any black tea or rich flavored tea. Macadamia nuts, vanilla, toffee, white chocolate oooolala!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Breakfast Cookie of the Month 'Cranberry Ginger Citrus"

You want em for breakfast
You want em for snacks,
You want em to be heathy
so you can fit into your slacks!
Pre or post work out food
It's great for either or,
Great love goes into every one
These cookies you'll adore!

Shadow Shot #3

Sunning Bay and Aloe

New Biscotti!

This is a new and wonderful full flavored biscotti - Rosemary Almond
You can tast the rosemary and deep flavor of the toasted almonds. No butter either! Healthy & delicioso!

Czech Braided Bread

My family loves this one - and I only make it around the holidays. It is similar in taste to the traditional Italian Panetonne!
This bread is so soft and just slightly sweet.
So good toasted with a marmelade butter! Yum