Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Dessert

I was working out in the gardens today and was too tired to
cook dinner so we all ordered Applebee's salads. But I had to run
to the grocery first for a couple of things and dessert was going to be
one of them. I had to get milk and some cheese for the cooking demo
this Thursday and by the time I was back home eating my salad,
I looked at my husband & suddenly realized I had forgotten
the most important item! Oh noooo. No sweets for my sweet!
I told him I would make him some yummy
cheesecake! He said, "Just make some happy brownies."
I made both! He is so spoiled!
This is a lowfat, caramel chocolate chip cheesecake with a extra thick
crust of graham cracker, toasted almond and flaxseed meal.
I can't wait until tomorrow!

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